Pay Homage

"If your neighborhood is like mine you’ll notice that we all worship at the alter of consumerism."

Riverbanks Botanical Garden

I had a Construction Management professor that said “we build to worship. Take notice of churches and how, as your gaze goes upward, the architecture and aesthetic become more brilliant."

"We build to worship..."

That resonated with me more than anything. I would say it’s the most valuable thing I learned in that course, even though he made that statement on the first day. I challenge you to take notice in your neighborhood.

How many retail stores are there?

How many churches?

How many liquor stores?

How many libraries?

How many gardens?

If you’re brave enough, ask yourself “why?” If your neighborhood is like mine, you’ll notice that we all worship at the altar of consumerism.

I say all of this to say; go to a garden. Go to a botanical or community garden, or park near you NOW. Say thanks and send love to mother and all her beautiful children.

Botanical Garden

From our visit to the Riverbanks Botanical Garden in Columbia, SC.