The WHY: Welcome to heritAGe

Updated: Jan 28

her·​i·​tage: Something transmitted or acquired from a predecessor. Something possessed as a result of one's natural situation or birth.

I finally know what I want to do with my life: I want to be a farmer.

That was me two years ago. I’m still not a farmer. I didn’t go directly from that realization, in a big city might I add, to moving to the country with acres of land ready to go. No, this has been a journey, on this journey I’ve learned what my purpose is, and I am discovering my path.

The Spiritual Catalyst

I won’t elaborate on the spiritual epiphany that brought me to this moment. Instead I’ll explain the importance of it.

I believe our salvation and evolution is where it always has been; in the ground, with the earth, in the garden, in the landscape, in nature. In order to realize our past and future selves, we must return to nature. Our planet is not an imaginary world that will continue to rejuvenate, or perhaps that will give herself, and us, new lives with the right cheat code.

We must invest our time, energy and love back into the Earth. We must save ourselves by saving her. What you may find, as a benefit of pledging yourself to stewardship, is peace. You may find your awareness and an environment that is unique to yourself. We are grounded in her for our security and safety, this is something we have forgotten.

You can choose your level of engagement. Not everyone will run toward the first open outdoor space they see and worship. Everyone will not go out and join an environmental justice group, or even speak to their friends and family about the importance of Horticulture and Agriculture in our lives. What everyone can do, is plant a seed. This is a personal act; this can be done without show or shine.

Planting a seed is like prayer or love; it is not boastful, it does not brag.

Hidden Worth. Great journey.