Indoor Garden Entry

Updated: Jan 28

What I got done today:

Container Gardening

· Gave the worms a new home

· Cared for Aloe Vera plant

· Cared for Potato plant

That’s a small task list, I know, but it took me more time than you think! Let’s go in order and I’ll give you the: what, why and a smidge of how.

Happy Worm Home

New Home:

Fruit flies have taken over the worm bin. Unfortunately, I had a week of giving the worms more food than they could consume, and a bit of the food went rotten. I started with removing all the large chunks of food, especially what had not been eaten by the worms, then more bedding was added (brown craft paper and coconut coir). I won’t be adding food, and I’ll be keeping the lid open to give the fruit flies a chance to fly out or die out.

I’ll check on them again in 48 hours to see how things are faring.

Aloe Vera:

I owe the Aloe Vera plant an apology, honestly. I left it unattended for 30+ days in the increasingly damp Kansas nights. As a result, the Aloe Vera ended up with root rot that effected a few leaves. Sigh. BUT to my surprise, but not really because Aloe Vera is resilient, there were two leaves left! Small, but that’s all we need.

The first step was to remove the dead leaves. For that, I dug into the plant to expose the stem and pulled each dead leave away. I did this instead of simply cutting the leaf because I wanted to remove as much of the rot as possible.

After that, I repotted the living leaves. We shall call them Warrior.

The Potato plant is in a similar ordeal to the Aloe Vera, being temporarily abandoned in the outdoors have caused the death of the stem and leaves. The care needed was mostly aesthetic since I have more interest in the plant/leaves than harvesting the potatoes. For this upkeep I just needed to remove dead leaves and clean the pot up a bit.

Once the plant was back in well-drained loose soil, with 6 hours of sun, the growth started back immediately!

Until next time! Vibrate higher and co-create with mother.