Close To The Ground

I was standing in my workshop the other day, frustrated by the lack of yield from all of my efforts. Sometimes when we begin something new, it’s our goal to consume as much knowledge on that topic as possible. Then we regurgitate everything we’ve consumed in the hopes that some, if not all, will stick and yield immense benefits. This is the cycle I found myself in.

After days, weeks, months of research and more than a few dollars spent on various solutions, I find myself surrounded by empty containers. As I sit soaking up the failure and wondering where I went wrong, I’m reminded of one of the core values of Our Heritage: close to the ground.

Then I laughed at myself teasing Oh ye of little faith.

Then I did something that most people would find utterly crazy; I threw away all the fancy shit. I asked myself:

· What do you need to grow?

· What tools are you missing?

· What gadgets are required?

· What do you need to keep going?

· How much money do you need to get started?

Please feel free to answer those questions for yourself. I’ll let you in on my answers:


What do you need to grow? SEED, DIRT, SUN

· What tools are you missing? NONE

· What gadgets are required? NONE

· What do you need to keep going? THE BLESSING OF THE EARTH SPIRIT

· How much money do you need to get started? Just a little (I’m not going to lie and say $0)

Go ahead, laugh with me or laugh at me, I had a good laugh myself. Now this isn’t to say that agrotech isn’t important, I’m actually a fan. It’s not to say that the strides and progress of science in the realm of Horticulture should not be appreciated and applied when appropriate.

It IS to say that we shouldn’t be tied down by these things. I’m constantly reminded that nature will make a way. With or without our involvement and participation growth will happen. It is inevitable. This is what allows us to co-create with the Earth and stand firmly in faith and patience as we stay close to the ground.

What’s my point? Better still, what was the result of this renewed epiphany? I’ve recycled (donated) all of my grow lights, special fertilizers, tools and equipment, etc.

What’s left? The dirt in my yard, my seeds and make-shift pots, a healthy dose of humility, my dedication to mother and faith in her ability to raise and nurture her children. My request to Earth spirit to continue to allow me to co-create with her/him/it/all.

Stay close to the ground yall.