Frequently asked questions

What is heritAGe?

Our Heritage Inc is a private social club that is helping to shift the consciousness of people and their connection with Mother Earth. Together we are cultivating a lifestyle dedicated to nature.

How do I join heritAGe?

Glad you're interested! To join heritAGe, visit the Join Us page for Membership options and select the membership that fits what you're looking for! Once your request has been placed, it will be reviewed. If accepted, you'll receive a membership package with next steps!

Is the membership life long?

Great question! Memberships are renewed every 3 months. It is at the descretion of heritAGe as to whether your membership will be renewed. You of course as the member can terminate your membership at any time.

Can I sample what heritAGe has to offer?

Our focus is community first, product second. While we don't offer samples, you will receive an introduction box with your membership package. This will allow you to preview what your membership has in store for future shipments!

Does the Membership cost?

Yes! Membership dues are based on the Membership Tier selected.

What do my Membership dues cover?

We're all about transparency, as trust is the foundation of any club. Membership dues are collected monthly and disbursed in the order below: Operations Administration Community Sponsorship In the Quartely Member Newsletter each member will see how dues were spent for the previous quarter.

Will Membership dues change?

Any change to Membership dues will be communicated to Members in the Quartely Member Newsletter with explanation of the change. We only foresee the change of Membership dues with advancements of what is offered to members. Seperate fundraisers will be held for any Community Sponsorships that are outside of membership due scope.