You can call it whatever or whomever feels right to you. We call it Spirit.

In nature we found a stillness that lends itself to the Universal Language.


In this space, we want to give honor and thanks for that stillness, that reminder that ALL IS ONE. 

Removing Weeds


We know that where there is no justice, there can be no peace. 

Here we'll discuss the injustices around nature, food, and land with a solution oriented approach. 

Outdoor Yoga


It's true that we have a job to do. However, we were not meant to toil all of our days. 

Mother always leaves a space for us to commune with her in leisure. 

Lets talk about how.

Open Book


How do we grow? 

What serves as our sun, water, and nutrients?

Knowledge is a power only surpassed by the power of love.


Here, we hope to sharpen our tools of knowledge.

Fashion Portrait


Heyyyy! Where'd you get that swag?

I get it from my Momma. Momma Earth, to be exact! 

In this space we'll draw the line and exult the style we draw from nature. 

Home Grown Vegetables


So simple that it's profound. 

We feed and sustain ourselves using what Earth gives us. 

Lets talk about how we honor that. And maybe share some recipes.